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Ladybirds with STD are seen swarming the UK


Almost all the people have aversion towards insects and are not very welcoming towards them. There are people who go in some sort of panic mode or scream in fear and run in the opposite at the mention or encounter of insects. It may be because of the fact that it stings or sometimes stinks that they do not want to encounter or be anywhere around insects.

Sometimes, we are even disgusted with certain Television shows which involve insects in any task of the reality shows. However, as there is an exception to everything, to this unpleasant and unwelcoming behaviour towards insects also, there is an exception, which is the ladybird. Ladybirds are very cute which a very appealing structure with their pretty polka dotted body.

But, recently is has been found that the United Kingdom has kind of been swarmed with a new and unusual species of ladybirds that carry sexually transmitted diseases, which is a warning bell for people with an affinity towards ladybirds. Next time, be careful when you are around ladybirds.

These bizarre ladybirds with a Harlequin pattern have seem to have come all way from North America and also Asia, due to the gentle breeze in the autumn to set their hibernation spot in the United Kingdom. The popular Manchester Evening News have claimed that these STD ridden ladybirds have been seen hibernating in and around residential areas of Greater Manchester.

It is also said that this specific species of ladybirds are generally larger in size when compared to that of the regular looking ladybirds which we are aware of. These ladybirds are two-spotted and are seen be causing a danger to the already existing native ladybirds due to the presence of STDs in their system, which is said to be a fungal disease called Laboulbeniales.

The severity and the threat this particular STD ridden ladybird could cause is yet to be discovered, but the Ladybird Survey of the United Kingdom claims that it could be a threat to the lifetime and sometimes the ovulation process of the female ladybirds affecting the production of eggs considering the fact that the existing ladybirds are already suffering due to the loss of their natural habitat.

If you happen to come across or encounter ladybirds in and around your houses, there is a fair chance that this might the dangerous Harlequin ladybirds that carry STDs, since the regular ladybirds are generally seen hibernating in trees and not swarming in houses.

However, these bizarre ladybirds do not possess a threat to humans unless you are bitten by it due to lack of their food resulting it you having a sting or tiny bump in the affected area. But, there are rare occasions where people are prone bad rashes or other allergic reactions.

But, just in case these little monsters are seen lurking around your home, it is best to not disturb them for these ladybirds generally leave behind a yellow matter if interrupted. This yellow material is capable of soiling your furnishings.

An organiser of Ladybird survey and a senior lecturer at University of Anglia Ruskin, Dr. Peter Brown told the BBC, that the presence of these Harlequin ladybirds in autumn in and around the houses in the United States have been nicknamed as ‘Halloween Ladybird’.

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