Kendall Jenner and Kyle Kuzma

After months of speculations and rumours, the curtain has finally lifted on Kendall Jenner and Lakers man Kyle Kuzma‘s ostensible relationship- the pair are not dating. In fact, sources close to Kendall Jenner insist that the model isn’t dating anyone. Apparently, the 23-year-old is reluctant to enter in a relationship following her rather unconventional split with Ben Simmons.

Kendall Jenner and her previous relationships

The pair had been dating for a year, but recently called it quits. The two decided that they need a mutual break two months ago, in order to focus more on their career, family, and friends.

Just a few weeks before the breakup, Kendall was heard saying on Keeping Up With The Kardashians that she wished to marry Ben Simmons. But instead, a few weeks later, the two were splitting up, in a massive shock for everyone in the entertainment world.

Kyle Kuzma and the rumours

A source, in conversation with Entertainment Tonight, has confirmed that Kendall and Kuzma share a non-romantic relationship. They hang out just as friends.

Another source, this one close to Kuzma, said that there was “nothing” between the two.

Kendall did reveal, back in February, that she loses interest very quickly when she is dating. She also said that she is a private person when it comes to her love life. Kendall Jenner prefers to keep things to herself and keeps away from attention.

The rumours of a pair-up between Kuzma and Kendall started when the two were on a yacht on a July 4th holiday. They were captured on camera, and the images went viral. That is where the speculation and rumours of a romantic interest began.

NBA star Kyle Kuzma will be focused on the upcoming season instead. He is the last member of a now-broken Lakers young core. With the arrival of Anthony Davis, the Lakers will be hoping to dominate the western conference. Kyle will be glad that rumours of romantic interests are shot down so he can focus on the upcoming season in peace.