KTM last year mocked that 50cc new generation bikes are planned to be released in electric models and the bikes have been shown in EICMA show at Europe. Within a year this bike will be available in US says PR.KTM has planned many innovative products in line.

KTM SX-E5 is the next new product of its kind. It is designed on 2-stroke KTM 50 SX with a top end power chassis work by an electric motor. This is designed with a blend of class leading knowledge in youth motor cycling specially in the e-sector. The purpose of creating this vehicle is to have an easy ride for the beginners. This vehicle has got no emissions, reduced noise, adjustable seat height and above all minimum maintenance. Vehicle’s design is very attractive for the youngsters and its power pack provides 2 hours of continuous riding for the beginners and for junior racers, who ride fast, gives 25 minutes of riding. Within an hour or so, the full power can be restored with a worldwide external charger.

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In and around the electric minicycle market, definitely KTM SX-E 5 will establish a new standard for its performance, safety, serial measures and rideability. Dealerships for this vehicle will be made accessible in North America from 2019 onwards.


Other than this vehicle, there are electric bikes in the minicycle market like GasGas, Enduro 1 and Enduro 2. Electric vehicles for new riders definitely reduce the fear of riding as it comes with package of advantages like reduced sound and adjustable power.

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KTM SX-E5 has got a biggest challenge to compete the market against gas powered 50s.If  it really competes, definitely there will be a game change in the minicycle market as well as it helps the market to move in upward direction.

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