Kinder Bueno Bar

Kinder recently launched their whole range of ice creams in the United Kingdom. The fans of the confectionery brand have waited too long to for this ice cream bar. But a cursory glance revealed that one of the most sought after ice cream bar was missing – the Kinder Bueno.

Only available in France

But it looks like the prayers of millions of sweet-toothed fans have been answered because there have been rumours that Kinder has finally launched its actual Bueno in ice cream form in Europe.

Although the item is only available in France currently. If you are in England, you might be able to score some ice cream packs if you play your cards right. Here’s how you can find the ice cream bar in England.

Kinder Bueno Bar spotted in Asda

Kinder Bueno Bar A shopper has revealed that they saw the Bueno ice cream bar and some other Kinder ice creams in their local Asda. The items were priced at a measly rate of 4 bucks a box. If you are not running straight for the supermarket now, what are you even doing?

If you are too lazy to go to step out of the house, you will be glad to know that you can order them from the online. The food retailer Ocado sells it at an even cheaper price. Save 50 cents as the retail store has them for just 3.50 pounds.

Yes, you heard it right. You can get an ice cream sandwich and a choco ice lolly for less than 4 bucks now.