Guys, here’s a story about a 14-year-old miniature Poodle that was abandoned by his family. The story goes back to the day when Shey, the dog, arrived at the Animal Rescue League of Iowa. Since his family was relocating, they left this cute dog behind.

Shey was in so much worse condition when he arrived. This cute dog was already too old with hearing & eyesight problems and he also has so many dental problems. That’s so sad. 

In simpler words, Shey was half-blind, deaf, toothless, and does not actually make an ideal candidate for adoption. 

Senior dogs usually get adopted in the end and one top of that, Shey was with so many problems. This means that things were not going to be easy for this cute dog. So, days changed into weeks and weeks into months, yet Shey was in the shelter house. It seemed like there was no one in this world who would like to give love to this cute furry angel. 

But then Tristan, a small boy who walked into the shelter house with his mother. 

Tristan and his mother were looking for a small dog who likes to cuddle. So, they don’t have any long list of criteria. They were just ready to adopt any dog who would love to live with them. After Tristan and his mother explained what kind of dog they want, the staff knew its time for them to meet Shey. 

The staff was a little skeptical about whether they will adopt this miniature poodle or not but they placed the dog on Tristan’s lap anyway. And Tristan loved Shey. 

By this time, it was clear that Shey was the right dog for Tristan but they were not sure whether Tristan was the right fit for this dog or not. The staff was not sure whether this small boy could handle the responsibility of this 14-years-old dog or not. 

To make sure that nothing stays hidden, the staff sat down with Tristan and his mother to discuss the medical history of Shey. After hearing everything, this small boy took out his phone to feed all the important appointments and dates for Shey. And that’s when everyone was impressed.

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