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Kim Kardashian was High on Ecstasy During the Infamous Sex Tape from her First Wedding

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Kim Kardashian is dropping off bombs lately. And this time on the episode of Sunday in Keeping up with the Kardashians, Kanye West’s wife and mother of Kanye West’s three children has allegedly reflected about her “wild” years while she was having a conversation with Kendall Jenner and Scott Disick. Both of them kicked off a few things by mentioning that they have had heard stories of the Kim Kardashian West’s past “wild” years.

Source: cosmopolitan

35-year-old Disick said that Kim Kardashian West allegedly went to Disney and she was kind of high or something like that or even high with Six Flags. Kendall Jenner then enquired Kim Kardashian that she didn’t know about the fact that Kim Kardashian West was high.


Kim Kardashian West then said that she reportedly got married while she was on ecstasy. This is the first time that Kardashian West, 38, the world-renowned celebrity said about her wedding which took place in the year 2000 with Damon Thomas, a music producer.

Source: cosmopolitan

Kardashian West then said that “once she has done ecstasy and later she got married immediately. And she did it all over again and made the infamous sex tape as if bad things were inevitable in that phase of her life. By listening to this Disick and Jenner were instantaneously shocked.


And then she was asked by Disick as to whether she was high on ecstasy when she made the sex tape of 2003. The sex tape also featured Ray J that became viral in the year 2007 and made her a famous personality in America and rest of the world.

Source: cosmopolitan

Kim Kardashian West then responded by saying that everyone is aware of the fact that she was high on ecstasy. She even said that the jaw was constantly trembling the entire time. Kim also insisted on the fact that she can do crazy things sometimes.

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Written by Kashish Verma

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