Kim Kardashian went back to be a brunette on Monday and showed off her freshly colored hair.

The 39-year-old put up a breathtaking display in Calabasas as she stopped to fill the tank of her Range Rover. She revealed her brunette frizzies again after a brief stint as a redhead.

Kim wore a plunging leather jumpsuit featuring her cleavage, cut off at the knee along with knee-high suede boots.

She walked pompously carrying her matching green mini Hermes Kelly clutch.

Kim Kardashian finally wore a mask after she went without one to Nobu in Malibu with her husband Kanye West.

Kim was photographed while asking for $100 change from the security guard as she entered the store to pay for the gas.


KKW Beauty mogul is considered as the queen of transformation.

Last week she was showing off her redhead. She also shared a throwback photo with dark hair and wrote, “Found this pic in my phone, I think I’m going back dark!”

For the past week, Kim had been looking fire in her red locks, which her colorist disclosed wasn’t a wig.

“Kim was really into the red”, her colorist Chris Appleton told Us Weekly.

“And I think she liked how unexpected it would be as most people think of her going blonde when making a drastic change.”

He explained the process, which took two hours, included bleaching her strands and then going over it with a red dye.

“We left about an inch of the root and lightened the rest of the hair”,  he explained. “Then went over it with the vibrant red.”

Meanwhile, Kanye startled everyone by announcing that he would be running for President last week.

He has the full support of his wife, Kim Kardashian, and Elon Musk, but is yet to reveal plans for his campaign. Some people believe that it’s just a publicity stunt.

It’s not likely the hip hop star will be able to get on the ballot in November because he’s already missed deadlines to add his name in six states.

West needs to work on his course of action quickly to avoid losing out on 85 more Electoral College votes as seven other states’ deadlines to get on the ballot are coming up this month.

However, he could run a write-in candidate from these states. Although, rules for such type of candidacy vary from state to state. The late registration of the hip-hop star leaves a very little chance against Trump and presumed candidate Joe Biden.

Kim is in full support of her husband as she retweeted his message along with the American flag. Elon Musk also expressed his support to Kanye West.

Kanye has one more project ongoing that is building a 10 bedroom mansion that will span 52,000 feet in Wyoming.

The Yeezy founder submitted plans to build a lakeside abode on his ranch in the western United States and now planners have given it the go-ahead.