When you are an adult seeing a mail in your mailbox receiving a letter from a person named George Cooper is like a drag like a postcard from a realtor named Morrison or bills, lots and lots of bills. But when you are a kid, receiving postcards is sort of a thrill, Kids are always treated like kids, and this is why they like it when an adult-type thing happens to them.

Source: nasa

To make things more interesting, how would your child obsessed with space and what is out there in the final frontier feel if he or she receives a letter and most importantly receives it from National Aeronautics and Space Administration Headquarter, also known as Nasa. It is kind of shocking.

Source: sciencelabkids

It is entirely possible for your child to write a letter to one of the astronauts at Nasa and get a return mail. Your kid can be a part of this stuff, he/she can get handwritten letters, autographed photos and also some stickers.

Source: nasa

In this way, your kid can feel special, get your kid to read the biographies of the astronauts of Nasa. If your child is interested in having a corresponding with the former commander of the International Space Station for Expedition 53, Randy “Komrade” Bresnik or Christina H. Koch who is destined to serve as the flight engineer for International Space Station for Expedition 59 and 60. If your child is not willing to write, then you can also write a letter to a general  NASA representative but like a seven-year-old.

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You can also request for an autographed photo. According to the data collected by CollectSpace.com, your child can also write and send requests for autographed pictures from both the retired astronaut as well as the active one. They can also request autographed photos from the astronauts who are currently assigned to future flights as well as in training simulation.