After the UFC fight in Las Vegas, Khabib Nurmagomedov and his team entered into an argument which deteriorated into an altercation of sorts which saw Khabib lunging at Conor’s coach Dillon Danis. The fight between Conor and Khabib ended in the fourth round with Khabib emerging victorious and after the fight the argument ensued, following which Khabib leapt at Dillon.

During this fracas one of the member of Khabib’s crew Abubakar made his way into the Octagon to pick a fight with Conor who was defeated. This act of the crew member combined with Khabib’s act is more likely to see the end of Khabib’s budding career as one of the prize fighters of UFC.  Not only will the suspension take away his title, he may end up seeing his prize money snatched. He is the holder of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) lightweight title.

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The report of Khabib possibly losing his title and the prize money have been attributed to Dana White the president of the UFC.  There have been arguments for and against the reported decision, with many taking to social media to vent their anger and fury. Some made it a point to share that Conor was let off lightly despite having thrown a steel dolly at the team bus of Khabib. Many have questioned the double standards of the UFC in letting Conor off lightly and permitting him to fight in the Octagon while Khabib is about to be penalized.

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Others have expressed displeasure over how Conor was let off lightly on numerous occasions, despite having tried out cheap shots during every weigh in.  It needs to be seen if the NSAC is about to hand him the suspension and the duration of the suspension. Depending on how long he is going to be suspended, he may end up getting stripped of his title. If the suspension is short then the probability of him losing his title is remote. However, if the suspension is long, then there are strong possibilities of him losing his title.

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Dana White reportedly made the remarks, according to ESPN which quoted him as having said that it was bad and that there would be an investigation carried out by the Nevada State Athletic Commission. He reportedly went onto add that there was the possibility of fines and that the erring team would face a lot of trouble as a consequence of their actions. He went on to say that no one had ever done such a thing as this and that it should not be repeated by anyone. He wanted to see how the outcome of the all the developments.

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Khabib on his part apologized for his behavior after the match in a conference. He went on to say that he was sorry for what he had done. He apologized to the Nevada commission, he apologized to Las Vegas. He admitted that what he had done was not the best behavior and that found it difficult that people claimed him to have jumped on the cage. He clarified that there were comments about his religion and his family.

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