One Facebook user has shared a hack to keep wasps away from her yard over the summertime. This hack of Lex Shuler also works to deter the carpenter bees. Lex’s Facebook post has been shared over 400,000 times.

Wasp also known as carpenter bees can make any summer unpleasant when they’re not contained. Summertime is quite fun but also it is the time for these wasps to produce their new ones and build a nest.

Here you can start with as initially stuffed a paper bag with various grocery bags. For best results, grab a brown paper bag along with some plastic grocery bags.

Find a place high and once the bag is full and puffy, place it as high as possible. Lex realized after soon as the bag was hung up, no more carpenter bees were to deal with. She said –

“All the wasps left and I haven’t seen one since I put the bags up.”

To be precise hornets’ nest scares carpenter bees like scarecrow does to birds. Eventually, the wasps tend to leave houses alone in these situations. Because the carpenter bees are under the false belief that the brown paper bags are hornets’ nests.

As it turns out, the wasps and hornets are natural enemies. Once the wasps see the “hornets’ nest” at your house, they will be inclined to stay away forever.

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Let’s try and see what experience we get. I am sure it will be a happy one. Share with your family and friends to get rid of using this easy hack at your own place. Tell us in the comment section below.