Keanu Reeves has stated that he would love to play Ghost Rider in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

On Jimmy Kimmel Live, the 58-year-old mentioned how much he adores comic books.

Kimmel questioned the actor about the superhero character that he would most like to play in a movie.

The A-listed answered, “I think 10-year-old Reeves would certainly want to be Ghost Rider.”

Reeves deftly sidestepped the topic and graciously lauded the MCU in its place when the comedian asked the actor if he had ever turned down a Marvel superhero role in the past.

It’s extremely nice, he said. It would be fantastic to be a part of the Marvel movies’ development and what they have become, in my opinion.

What must be done, Kevin Feige, for Reeves to show up in the MCU? It would be nothing short of stunning to see the actor enter the scene as Johnny Blaze while riding a blazing motorcycle.

The Marvel Studios president told in 2019 that the company has been attempting to cast the actor in its movies for a while and that “we very much want to figure out the perfect approach.”

Reeves touted his comic book BRZRKR, which he and Matt Kindt co-wrote with Ron Garney serving as the book’s illustrator, during his interview with Kimmel.

The comic book’s initial edition sold over 650,000 copies, making it one of the most widely read new character graphic novels of the century, according to Kimmel.

It’s understandable that Netflix has already announced a live-action feature adaptation and a follow-up anime series, both of which will star Keanu Reeves.

Although it’s very early, the actor told Collider that there’s a 33% possibility he’ll be the film’s director.

Filmmaker Mattson Tomlin revealed in a photo that he had just finished the first draught of the movie’s screenplay earlier this week, setting up a fan frenzy.

“About to be as epic as the comics,” one guy wrote.

“We know it will be spectacular boss,” said another.

Another said, “I can’t f**king wait to watch this!”