Katylee Bailey was reduced to tears when she replied to the criticism she got online after saying she owns her house at age 21.

Last year, the average age of a first-time buyer in England (outside of London) was 33, which is a little bit older than it was in years past when it was 32.

Many people haven’t been able to get on the housing ladder because of things like the cost of living crisis.

One person who is way ahead of the average is 21-year-old Katylee Bailey from Bradford. In a recent TikTok, she said that she has paid off her house and no longer has a mortgage.

Katylee Bailey held a champagne bottle with confetti in it in TikTok, which has been seen 3.5 million times.

She wrote this under the video:

Biggest achievement of my life. Here’s to my new chapter.

Katylee Bailey

Many people rushed to the comment section to tell the influencer how happy they were for her, but many others felt otherwise.

One TikTok viewer wrote:

So sad the people that work the least get this and people putting their life on the line can barely afford heating.

A second added:

Alright for some.

Meanwhile, a third wrote:

Lucky you, here I am paying 2 grand in rent every month because I am not eligible for a mortgage despite working 40 hours a week.


Katylee Bailey made a second video in which she talked about the hate she was getting, which was mostly from a small number of people.

I just wanted to come on here to say that I’m sorry to anyone who feels like I’m bragging about the house thing,

she said.

Yes, the system is absolutely f***ed, I will never get my head around the fact that I’ve become so lucky.

She continued:

But believe or not, as much as some of you guys don’t wanna understand this, I do actually work and let me tell you something, social media is so mentally draining.

I know there are many people out there who work there a***s off. I genuinely did just fall lucky with social media.

Katylee Bailey

And yes my family have given me an amazing life. But I didn’t get brought up with money, so to be able to achieve such a big thing at 21-years-old, I’m just so grateful.

It’s not me bragging, it’s me being so proud of myself. I think if anyone else had the opportunity, they’d do it.

Telegraph & Argus said in 2021 that Katylee Bailey makes up to £1,000 for each video she posts because she quit college to work full-time in social media.