Kate Middleton Pregnant Prince William child Duchess

Kate Middleton’s appearance at the Royal Ascot sparked pregnancy rumors again. She attended the event in a light blue dress earlier this week.

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The pictures of the Duchess of Cambridge were shared online and published in the newspapers as well. The fans were quick to notice and speculations are already going on that Middleton is pregnant with her fourth child already. She was seen putting her hand on her stomach and cradle it.

Kate Middleton Pregnancy Royal event Duchess

Her pictures of talking to other people also show that she was communicating it to other people. She was patting her midsection the entire day, so we can’t blame the fans to come to this conclusion. Kate Middleton’s gestures gave away the secrets of the royal couple.

Kate Middleton Pregnancy

However, we do not have any official confirmation yet. The pregnancy rumors have been going on for a while now and the couple is yet to confirm it. Also, it is not easy to figure out at the moment as the baby bump is not visible yet. So things will only get clear when Kensington Palace makes an announcement about it officially.

Pregnant Kate Middleton

Royal pregnancies always fill everyone’s life with excitement as it is not just any ordinary kid, but the future queen or king we are talking about. Meanwhile, there are also rumors about Zara Tindall and Princess Eugenie’s pregnancy. The fans feel that the three of them were trying to hide it, but didn’t succeed at it.

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