Kanye West thinks Donald Trump needs to supplant Air Force one with a hydrogen-fueled plane. Kanye West needs the leader of the U.S to fly in a plane structured by Apple. The rapper figures tech monster Apple ought to be the ones to manufacture it for him.

He visited the White House on Thursday to met Donald Trump and shared his thought for a plane that would supplant Air Force One. West likewise demonstrated his structure for iPlane-1, worked by Apple. At the gathering, Kanye even whipped out his telephone and in the wake of uncovering his password to the whole room.

The main hitch in the arrangement of Kanye West is that Apple does not really make planes. Also, presumably has no tendency to do as such. The idea picture which Kanye indicated Trump really originates from a theory distributed in the year 2012 by modern planner ‘Shabtai Hirshberg,’ known as ‘Envisioning the eventual fate of Air Travel in 2030.’

Source: Business Insider

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