Everyone seems to have an opinion on Lizzo’s weight these days, from Mike Epps and TK Kirkland to Jillian Michaels and Aries Spears. The three-time Grammy winner has prompted a number of internet discussions around “fat shaming,” “body positivity,” and other topics. With her unapologetically half-nude Instagram photos and television shows like Lizzo’s Watch Out for the Big Grrls, she has positively impacted plus-size women all over the world. However, some people are still dubious about the way she shows her self-confidence, pointing to her weight as a means of encouraging the public to engage in bad eating habits. Kanye West commented on Lizzo’s physical appearance during a recent sit-down interview on Tucker Carlson Live before criticizing the public for praising her rather than pushing her to lose weight.


“Let’s now discuss Gabby and my dear friend Lizzo. Lizzo collaborates with my personal trainer and pal Harly Pasternak “said Kanye. “While Lizzo says she has lost 10 pounds, the Instagram bots criticize her for doing so because the media wants to create the impression that being overweight is the new ideal when it is actually unhealthy. Let’s ignore the fact that it is not in fashion or Vogue, which means that whoever finds it appealing does so at their own discretion. Actually, it’s medically unhealthy. It is diabolical for people to advocate for that.”

Despite what Kanye thinks of Lizzo’s appearance, she has a huge following of admirers who find her beautiful and inspirational just the way she is. Nevertheless, the public appears to be evenly divided between those who agree and those who disagree with his aforementioned hot opinion.