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One piece is one of those anime shows that keeps the audience hooked every moment. But, due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the show has been affected worst. But looks like the makers are bringing it back with a bang.

And we are going to see Kaido showing off his forces in the upcoming sequence. Warning! if you haven’t watched the latest episode, you are going to have spoilers ahead.

Obviously, Kaido is one of the most powerful characters in the show. And being able to see his killer queen’s performance is one of the things that the fans are craving for.

And looks like your prayers have been heard. And we will soon see Kaido in action mode.

One Piece Upcoming Chapter

As we saw Luffy and his crew members along with the vassals of Oden wanted to take down Kaido and his Beast Pirates. So, instead of having a head-on fight, they opt for a never heard approach. And as a part of it, they sneak into Kaido’s Headquarters, Onigashima. Kinnamon grants his fellow pirates new outfits so they can disguise in the front of Beast Pirates.

However, as the pirates barge in they find a huge party going on. The queen is rocking the turntables and everybody is having fun. And there we get to see Kaido’s different teams of pirates.

A still from One Piece

Among them, the first ones are Waiters that are waiting to eat the Devil Fruit to get the powers. The next ones are Pleasures who did not succeed in gaining power even after eating the Devil Fruit. And the last ones are Gifters who successfully gained power after eating the fruit.

Now, it will be more amazing to see Kaido’s action sequence in the upcoming episode. We would recommend do not forget to watch this!