Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was rushed to the hospital when she fractured 3 ribs from a nasty fall this Wednesday. Her office says that even after the fall, she was normal and went back home to her home. However, the pain started to build overnight and the RBG asked her officers to admit her in the George Washington University Hospital immediately. The next morning, she was examined by the doctors for the broken ribs.

Source- CBC.ca

This fall might prove lucky for the American President Donald Trump. The absence of RBG will surely ease the way for Trump to gain more Supreme Court Justices. Just 24 hours after the Republicans won 2 Senate seats, RBG suffered this fall. This will definitely give Trump an upper hand to secure Justice confirmation on any other future SCOTUS nominees.

There are currently no updates available on when Justice Ginsburg will be back in her SCOTUS office. She suffered a similar fall in 2012, which resulted in 2 broken bones.

Source- TMZ