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Judge Randy Moss slashed Papadopoulos to return to the Prison

The federal judge this Sunday turned down George Papadopoulos’s plea to delay his imprisonment period for lying to the FBI.

Politico reported that The U.S. District Court Judge Randy Moss slashed Papadopoulos to return to the prison on Monday after his argumentative justification delaying the serving period crumbled. Papadopolous decision , not to appeal his sentence was cited down by the judge, and stated that the defendant’s challenge of special counsel Robert Mueller’s authority had least chances to succeed.


Papadopoulos was sentenced a 14 years imprisonment in September after he was found guilty of having contacts with Russian-linked Individuals.

Despite favourable cooperation with Mueller’s investigation and showing remorse at his sentencing the accused went on to claim publicly that his accusation was a result of false accusation and entrapment by western intelligence agencies. He added that last month was under the thought to withdraw from his plea agreement with the special counsel.

Papadopolous’s effort to delay his imprisonment was aggressively opposed by Mueller’s team.

Credits : New York Post

Papadopolous argued that Mueller’s appointment may not abide by the constitution by citing a pending legal challenge by Roger Stone associate Andrew Miller.

The special counsel quoted that Papadopolous’s claims were vague in writing to the court that were intentionally made to delay the purpose of imprisonment.

Acoording to Politico, Papadopolous lost his chances to challenge the constitutional rights of Mueller’s legality when he filed a guilty plea last year.

As Politico mentions that Moss said ‘Miller’s challenge againt Mueller was unlikely to succeed.

As the Washington Post mentions based on Moss’s writing ‘The court has concluded that the guilty has failed to carry his responsibility of demonstrating that the court should stick onto his bail status.

Credits : New York Post

The former Trump campaign advisor who trump calls ‘LOW LEVEL STAFFER’, is supposed to be one of the several associates of the President who were either accused guilty or pointed out by Mueller into Russian interference in 2016 elections as found in his investigations.

Source –  New York Post, The Guardian

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