Jordy Nelson shows love for Green Bay, to retire as a packer using 1-day contract

Former Green Bay wide receiver Jordy Nelson wants to take the step somewhere around August. The 34-year-old played his final year in Oakland after the first decade of his career in Green Bay.

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The announcement on Mellisa’s WIBW show

Jordy Nelson made his wish public by announcing it on Melissa’s show. He is looking forward to joining them on a one day contract during camp in August, he told them.

“Yes, we’re heading back up there in August sometime, we haven’t pinpointed the date yet, but again we wanted to get our family back to Kansas and allow the kids to make it up there,” Nelson said.

“So that is the plan to go up there during training camp, sign the one-day deal, retire as a Green Bay Packer and move on from there.”

Jordy Nelson – Know who he is

Jordy Nelson was born in 1985 in Manhattan and made his debut season of NFL in 2008 getting picked by Packers. Nelson had a lukewarm debut season with just 33 receptions from 366 yards. He came into his own since 2010 and scored a brilliant 68 reception over 1263 yards and 15 receptions.

During his playing days, many regarded him to be one of the best wide receivers. He also won SuperBowl XLV with Packers against Pittsburgh Steelers in 2010. Jordy was also known for his never-say-die spirit and pumped his teammates. He was truly one of a kind.

This technique of signing one day contract was first used by his former teammate John Kuhn. After the retirement, his hall of fame induction is guaranteed after the kind of brilliant career he had.

The Packers are lucky to have had talents like him. He caught as many as 550 passes for around 8000 yards along with 69 touchdowns. Check out the for more exciting updates.