If the recent spoiler Game of Thrones season 8 theory turns out to be true, then the fans will be completely devastated. The theory suggests that Jon Snow could be executed in the same way as Ned Stark.

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The Game of Thrones season 8 finale is here and the fans will get to know about everything in a matter of days. However, Jon Snow’s life may also come to an end with the series. He may suffer the same fate as Ned Stark. Each character’s screen time has been analysed and it may give a hint about their fate.

Game of Thrones season 8 Jon Snow death

Jon Snow death in Game of Thrones season 8

In the first season of Game of Thrones, Ned Stark has the maximum amount of screen time and he was brutally murdered at the end. He was executed for the charge of betraying the King. It is now revealed that Jon Snow has a total of 547 minutes of screen time, which is a lot more than any other character. So does this mean that he is near to his end?

What will happen when Daenerys Targaryen will find out about him? Jon Snow is now definitely between her and the Iron Throne. Will Dany do away with Jon to get to the throne? Over the years, we have seen the Mother of Dragons build what she has today and it didn’t come easy. She executed a lot of people and conquered a lot of lands.

But the story took a twistful turn when Jon and Dany fell in love with one another. Despite everything, will she still get him killed?

Jon Snow death Game  of Thrones season 8

While Tyrion Lannister is not far behind Jon when it comes to screen time with a total of 533 minutes. He has played a pivotal role in bringing Dany and Jon together. But he wasn’t happy to see the two get romantic. If he betrays the two in Games of Thrones season 8, he will be executed. We will soon get to know whose end is near.