Jon Bon Jovi has finally responded to the question that has been on everyone’s mind since his son’s huge announcement.

When Millie Bobby Brown announced that she and her fiancé, Jake Bongiovi, were engaged, the world seemed to rejoice.

The couple announced their engagement on social media, with the Stranger Things star posting, “I’ve loved you three summers now, honey, I want ’em all.”

Jon Bon Jovi

Jon Bon Jovi

While they were quickly inundated with congratulations, it didn’t take long for people to call the engagement into question.

Millie and Jake are 19 and 20 years old, respectively, and some critics think they are too young to get married, according to Pop Sugar.

One person wrote on Instagram: “Unpopular opinion but she’s way too young to be engaged. But age 19, you don’t even know who you are yet.”

Another added: “Look, they seem cute, but she’s 19 right? They’re too young to be getting engaged, WTF?”

A third said: “Sorry to be a killjoy but this is not going to last, millie you grew up too fast, you deserve a normal and fun adolescence. You are 19.”

They also stated that the two had only been dating for less than two years and should have waited a bit longer.

However, Jake’s rockstar father appears to have given his blessing to the happy couple.

He was asked about the topic when speaking on Andy Cohen Live and said: “I don’t know if age matters if you find the right partner and you grow together.

“That would be my advice: Growing together is wise. So, I think all my kids have found people that they think they can grow together with, and we like them all.”

Jon Bon Jovi added: “Millie’s wonderful. Her whole family are great. Jake is very, very happy.”

That’s how you silence the haters.

Who are we to judge if two individuals are content and confident in their ambitions and life goals?

Time is relative, and if Jake and Millie wish to marry, they are entirely free to do so.

Surprisingly, after the Stranger Things star made the big announcement, fans dug up a comment Ariana Grande made about her upbringing being very different.

Commenting beneath a 2018 post of Millie, who was 14 at the time, kissing her former flame Jacob Sartorius atop a lifeguard watchtower on the beach captioned ‘moonlight with him’, Ariana quipped: “I wasn’t even allowed to leave my house until I was 20.”