Fake John Wick 4 download links floating on the internet have wreaked havoc on the internet lately. Scammers and Hackers are having a field day preying on the innocent. The movie will release in theatres on 24 March 2023. Any torrent that you might encounter is most likely an infected file.

John Wick Chapter 4 is set to be a blockbuster like all three other chapters. We mustn’t let Torrent links and pirated files ruin the party.

beware of John Wick chapter 4 fake torrent files
Beware of fake John Wick 4 torrent files. | ©Liongate Films

Dangers of Fake John Wick 4 Torrent Download

The fake torrents and download links on the internet are most likely potential malware. Once downloaded, these files can cause serious damage to your computer software or harm it by tampering with your files. There have been instances where movies got leaked before their release, affecting their earnings. So, this is another reason you should stay away from such John Wick 4 Torrent downloads. The worst scenario is the files that are downloaded from these links are ransomware viruses. Ransomware is a program once installed, locks and encrypts all your files. Then the hacker demand to pay a hefty sum to revert them back. The United States ranks second in the most number of cyber attack cases, and evidence suggests that that number is on the rise.

How to protect yourself from Fake John Wick 4 Torrent Downloads

Obviously, we’d suggest you watch the 3-hour-long Keanu Reeves epic blockbuster in theatres or at least wait for the streaming release – which shouldn’t be too long from now. This ensures that viewers are protected from any cyber risks. This is also a way to support your favorite artists and appreciates the hard work they have put to make the movie. John Wick Chapter 4 will release on 24 March 2023. There’s no official word on the streaming release date of John Wick 4. Reportedly, Crunchyroll has acquired the rights to the film and will be responsible for its distribution in North America. We’ll keep you updated with any further news soon.

We strongly suggest that our readers install good antivirus software or update windows defender to its latest version. The best way to stay safe is by not clicking on any such suspicious link. Remember, if something is too good to be true, it’s most likely not true!

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