John Cena return WWE storyline opponent

While WWE WrestleMania 35 was a feel-good show at large, it didn’t really have many moments which made you jump off your seat. However, the return of John Cena was one of the biggest and the coolest moments of the night. During the Elias concert, John Cena came out and returned to his original ‘Doctor of Thuganomics’ rapper gimmick.

John Cena Return Lars Sullivan
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This has led to many people wondering whether this was a one-night-only appearance or was it John Cena’s full-time return to the WWE. Here’s a closer look:

John Cena Back as Doctor of Thuganomics: Is This Gimmick Going to Continue?

Cena originally got popular in the WWE as a heel in his early days when his gimmick was that of a rapper. His verses would usually be quirky and insult his opponents at the same time. He would drop various references to sports and cities and much more. This was exactly what his return to the gimmick in WWE WrestleMania 35 brought out.

John Cena Doctor of Thuganomics
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However, it is highly unlikely that Cena would continue this gimmick. This, most likely, was a one-night-only event to ‘pop the crowd’ with this nostalgia act. In all probability, John Cena will not be continuing this gimmick when he makes a full-time return to the company.

John Cena’s Future Plans: Who Is His Next Opponent

As of this writing, Cena is still a part-timer and is unlikely to make a full-time return till his upcoming movie Project X-Traction comes out. John Cena stars alongside Jackie Chan in this movie.

John Cena Full Time Return to WWE
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With regards to his next opponent, it is unlikely that Cena will continue his feud with Elias. Speculations currently point out that Cena will face Lars Sullivan upon return.