Joe Gomez continues and contract signed


A new contract agreement was signed for longer term by Joe Gomez. This was made with Liverpool Football club on Monday morning. He is 21 years old and he is completely focused to the Reds by making this fresh deal as well as extended his deal for three and a half year with the club.

Gomes has informed that this agreement is a world to him and he is happy continuing with Liverpool which is obviously a delightful chance to extend his agreement and contract. Gomez arrived from Charlton Athletic in 2015. He has appeared for 59 times and has got international honors from England which highlights his prospect. He was not in the action of play for more than a year due to his ligament injury.

Source: onefootball

Time was not the same for him and he witnessed highs and lows in his seasons of career. All his setbacks have given so many leanings to him. He is been coached by an experienced person and all the surroundings are favorable to him he says. Yet another problem Gomez faces right now is lower leg fracture yet he says he will be alright soon. He has got a key role in bringing back the silverware to the Anvield in the years coming.

The symptoms and signs clearly evidence a route to the club as well as to the team. Last year’s European competition was near to the team’s achievement and that shows off a good start for the forthcoming seasons.

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Definitely this will give an imprint as better start for the club and also exhibits that everybody has to believe the club. The track what they are en-route also is a right track says Gomez. Gomez’s love for the club is projected by his words.

Source: liverpoolfc, espn

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