Changi Airport is about to witness the return of A&W fast food chain which is an 11 screen cineplex. Apart from that, there will be a Pokemon merchandise store and several other brands that are new to Singapore.

The airport’s lifestyle and mega retail development, Jewel, will open in 2019’s first half. It’s a $1.7 billion project wherein a ten storey complex including five basement floors and the rest above the ground will be developed. This ten storey complex will have around 280 shops and outlets of food and beverages.

Till now, 90% of 53,800 sq m leasable space has been given. A&W will return to Singapore after a decade. It is putting in all efforts to have a good comeback. A&W’s menu will be first of its kind in the entire Asia. It will combine all the best selling dishes including curly fries, cream cheese burger and coney dogs.

The Pokemon franchise will be the only permanent store outside Japan. It’s a great news for all the Pokemon fans and we are sure that they will be looking forward to it. The Pokemon Center in Singapore will also have stationary, exclusive toys, video games and trading cards which will be specially for Jewel.

The stores by F&B brands will include Norwegian casual seafood restaurant Pink fish, American fast food chain Shake Shack and Swiss artisanal chocolatier Laderach. The cinema goers should also cheer up as Shaw Theaters will open an 11 screen cineplex including a digital Imax theater.

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Further, Jewel will also include a lot of home brands including Naiise, Supermama and Tiger Beer. Violet Oon, a local chef, will open her largest restaurant till date spreading to more than 350 sq m. Nike will also take up one of the stores.

Hung Jean, the chief executive, said,

We hope to showcase Singapore to the world, positioning it as the platform where local brands will be exposed to an international audience, while simultaneously bringing new and familiar global brands to Singapore.

Source: Channelnewsasia, Reddit