Jessie J was completely shattered after her security guard’s death. On Sunday, the thirty year old singer shared some pictures of Dave, her bodyguard, paying a tribute to him.

Jessie wrote,

The love you had for your children. Was everything. We would laugh till we cried nearly everyday. We created Penelope and the blue Shetland pony together. We talked about our dreams. We talked about what our biggest fears were. You weren’t just my security, we ARE family. 4 years. Me and you.

Credits: The Sun

Jessie got really emotional and said that Dave used to make her laugh a lot. He used to text her during The Voice Australia recording and they even giggled throughout the Fifty Shades movie.

She further mentioned about their late night walks just to get some air and to see who was the quickest to shout “banana”. Jessie has not only lost her security guard, but a great friend as well. Dave was always there and he even visited her in the hospital just to make her laugh. They used to laugh all the time. Dave was really caring and he got really worried about Jessie. He took complete care of her.

Dave used to push Jessie to do better each time before the tour. He would even sort things in a way that Jessie got time with her fans and that too in a way so it was safe for everyone. There are endless incidences when Dave has been there for Jessie and she could just go on listing them.

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Credits: The Sun

Jessie made a special mention about the flight from Dubai to London when she was terrified due to the turbulence and how he held her hand for eight hours. She even wrote about the happy times when they used to go on shopping together and try silly glasses and hats.

The singer also listed out the things that Dave loved such as his tattoo collection, dogs and travelling. She is going to miss him terribly.

Source: The Sun, Stars Post