“Jersey Shore” star Ronnie Ortiz-Margo and his ex-partner Jen Harley are now becoming known faces to the police. Its been quite a while since they have been fighting over their child’s custody. And this Thursday the fight escalated to a whole new level.

Jen came to Ronnie’s place to pick up their 6-month old sweetheart, Ariana Sky. She was apparently stopped at the gate by Ronnie and his aunt. The aunt went wild at Jen calling her a whore, and saying that Jen is creating all this drama just for money.

Source- Heavy.com

A couple of weeks back, Jen left her 6-month-old baby and her 12 y/o son alone at home, so that she could go enjoy some drinks with her friends. Seeing this, Ronnie wasn’t able to control his anger and posted a video publicly shouting at Jen for her carelessness.

Jen was humiliated and went to Ronnie’s home where she allegedly attacked him. Ronnie posted a photo of a small wound around his eye to prove that he had been attacked. Not only this, Ronnie also posted and deleted some screenshots which showed that Jen demanded $ 20k from him for humiliating her online.

Source- TMZ.com