Jenny Graham Breaks the Round-the-World Record in Under 125 Days

Jenny Graham started her trip – left Berlin and started riding in the east direction. Later on Thursday, Jenny returned back to Berlin from the west direction. In the middle, this Scottish cyclist rode more than thousands of miles. Her motto was to become the world’s fastest woman to drive around the world and she was unsupported.

She took just less than 125 days to come round-the-world. Jenny Graham covered more than 18,000 miles within 1/3 of year. This was nearly 3 weeks lesser than the old record which was recorded by Paola Gianotti – who set the record of 144 days in 2014.

Mike Webster, the filmmaker helped Paola to document her entire trip and her official record was 124 days, 10 hours and less than 50 mins.

Graham, who was 38-years old, started her journey in mid-June. Since, then Graham has undergone several hardships, from flat tires to broken equipment, gears, being wary by wild bears in Canada. But then, she also got a chance to witness jaw-dropping scenery when she traveled across the broad roads of Australia and the steep hills in New Zealand. She also documented those sceneries she witnessed on her Instagram account.

From the beginning of her journey, there were strangers and friends who continuously helped her and cheered her on. A few people even accompanied her during her long ride. A few others helped Graham find some necessary food or shelter during the travel.

Graham crossed more than dozens of countries and this included a stretch across Russia and into Mongolia as well as China. During her journey, she had to ride on one of the long-lasting stretches – from Alaska to Nova Scotia. Later, she took a flight to Portugal, where again she continued her ride from Lisbon to Berlin.

On completing the ride, congratulations came from all over the world as she recorded a new Guinness World Record.

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