Jennifer Lopez joyfully announced the introduction of her latest business Delola, a “ready-to-enjoy” drink available in three distinct flavors — and three different types of alcohol — on Wednesday.

Jennifer Lopez explained in her fan email, On The JLo, that the product was inspired by her little-known moniker “Lola,” which she defined as her “more playful, carefree side.”

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez

“She is the part of me that lets loose,” she added. “She doesn’t come out all that often – but when she does, she goes hard… I realize that as I’ve gotten a little older, I’d like her to make more appearances. Life is to be enjoyed, and as much as I enjoy working hard, playing is just as important for a happy, balanced life!!!”


Jennifer Lopez said she wanted an “easy” alcoholic drink, which is why she designed Delola — “something you could just pour over ice, right out of the bottle, ready to enjoy.”

She described the three flavors available: a vodka-based berry spritz, a tequila-based grapefruit and elderflower choice, and an amaro-based orange and passionfruit option, all of which have “roughly the same alcohol content as a glass of wine.”

Jennifer Lopez promoted Delola on her social media platforms in addition to her newsletter. She shared a video of herself discussing the product on Instagram with the message, “The secret is out!!!” I’m excited to share with you @DELOLA… my new line of one-of-a-kind, mixology-level, ready-to-drink spritzes.”

But some of her 240 million followers were left bewildered by the message, with it soon being pointed out that Jen has routinely spoken out against drinking alcohol in the past.

“Makes no sense as she doesn’t drink,” one person commented. Someone else asked: “I thought you didn’t drink???”

Many people also mentioned Jen’s husband, Ben Affleck, who is recovering from alcoholism and has gone to rehab several times.


“You’re married to a recovering alcoholic, and you’ve said countless times you don’t drink…but okay🙄,” a comment on Jennifer’s Instagram post reads.

“This is super disappointing considering she doesn’t drink and is married to a recovering alcoholic,” another said. “How about we support small business instead of celebrities slapping their name on whatever they want to make more money.”

And it wasn’t long before others echoed the accusation that Jen had only put her name behind the brand to make money.

“Jlo you don’t drink. This is like something that is known and has been pointed out on numerous occasions. I mean….I get it- a coin is a coin- but mama you don’t drink alcohol. 🫣” another person wrote.

“She doesn’t drink alcohol so just goes to show what she will do for money,” someone else claimed.

“Another celebrity glamorizing alcohol to make money. This one is even weirder, you literally don’t drink and have a husband in recovery. Okaaaaay. Gross,” one follower wrote.

Fans were also disappointed that Jen had squandered an opportunity to “pave the way” for sober people by developing an alcohol-free alternative.

“Would have been a way better opportunity to promote a non alcoholic product and pave the way and also support your husband who doesn’t drink. This is such a money grab jlo,” someone wrote.

“Hmmm, hard to buy into this when Jlo has been so outspoken about NOT drinking,” another agreed. “A mocktail would’ve been more on brand and amazing for those who also choose not to drink alcohol!

“Oh wow. This is disappointing. Why not create a NA brand considering you’ve been outspoken about the negative affects of alcohol and that you yourself don’t drink? This feels so off-brand for you, genuinely curious why you’re selling alcohol,” one more popular comment reads.

While Jennifer Lopez has never claimed to be fully sober, she has always stated that she never consumes more than a drink of alcohol due to the detrimental effects it may have on her body.

In 2016, the singer revealed one of her secrets to staying young was abstaining from alcohol, telling Us Weekly, “I don’t drink, smoke, or have caffeine.” As you get older, that really wreaks havoc on your skin.”

In a separate interview with InStyle, she remarked of alcohol, “I think it ruins your skin.” “Of course, when it comes to celebratory toasts, everyone says, ‘You can’t toast with water!'” So I’ll make a toast with alcohol and take a sip.”

Jennifer Lopez admitted that she doesn’t drink much alcohol and maintained that nailing the flavors was critical when developing Delola. “I’m not a huge alcohol whatever-alcohol drinker, so it had to be something really pleasant tasting,” she told People.

In response, a source told us “Jennifer Lopez has always been clear on her health regimen, and now she has created something that fits within her lifestyle.” She has invented a cocktail that she would love drinking.”