The divorce of Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux was one of the most shocking stories in Hollywood. The duo first met on the sets of Tropic Thunder in the year 2007 and soon they were seen dining together at the town bar in Sunset Tower Hotel in West Hollywood.

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Jen and Justin’s story

Divorce of Jennifer Aniston and Justin TherouxA lot of fans were excited when the two of them got married and figured that this was the right pair since they seemed like they were made for each other. However, things didn’t work out and Jennifer’s second chance at love was lost.

The couple announced their decision to divorce each other on February 15 last year. They revealed that they made the decision mutually and lovingly. They also added that they are best friends who are no longer a couple but look forward to continuing their friendship.

The latest rumours about Jennifer Aniston

More than a year later, it appears that both of them had started dating again. Rumours had revealed that Jennifer Aniston was dating Brad Pitt while Justin was often seen with Emma Stone.

Several magazine articles have suggested that the spark between Justin and Emma is quite strong and Jennifer is allegedly jealous of her. An unknown source revealed that Jennifer wants to destroy Justin for dating Emma.

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However, all these places rumours have been debunked. It appears that there is nothing going on between Justin and Emma and even if there was, Jennifer has no feelings regarding it.

The ex-couple is on amicable terms and there is nothing that can damage their precious friendship.