Here’s one happy news for all the Dallas Cowboys fans. Their head coach Jason Garrett will continue his responsibility and is not fired. There were some misunderstanding over the media that Jason Garrett has been relieved from his responsibility. But it was the O-Line coach Paul Alexander who has been fired after seven consecutive disappointing performance by the offensive line this season.

Jason Garrett, the head coach and the team is promoting Marc Colombo up to the role of O-Line Coach. Colombo is a former offensive tackle and has been in the staff for over four years now. Colombo was the offensive line assistant coach this season.

Hudson Houck, a former offensive line coach will be the chief advisor for Marc Colombo.

Source- Daily Snark

The team suffered a 3-4 of lack-luster start and many held Jason Garrett responsible for the same. However, it seems that the coach has some favor from Jerry Jones. Garrett has an average of 247 claps per game in this season. It is the best for a Cowboy coach in last 11 years.

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