Jane The Virgin Season 5: What To Expect, Release Date And More

Jane the Virgin season 5 episode 5 will return this week and fans are curious to know will she choose finally. As this is the last and final season of the satirical comedy-drama, whoever Jane picks will likely be her final choice.

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Jane needs to deconstruct

Jane The Virgin Season 5 Episode 5The season finale of the 4th installment of Jane the Virgin saw the return of Michael, Jane’s supposedly dead husband, and this created a tussle for Jane as she struggled to pick between Michael and Rafael, the guy she has been in a relationship with after Michael’s death.

The triangle is extremely complicated with layers of unravelling needed for Jane to make her final decision. Jane the Virgin season 5 episode 5 will see Jane as she goes through complex emotions, trying to choose between the two men who have loved her wholeheartedly.

Raf Vs Michael

Jane The Virgin Season 5 Episode 5
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Rafael has always stood with Jane, helping her get over the devastating blow that was Michael’s death. He has even endeavored to make changes in himself to be a better father to Mateo and a better boyfriend to Jane.

But on the other hand is Michael, who has been nothing but an excellent partner to Jane from the beginning, supporting all her decisions and fighting for her every chance he got.

It will be interesting to note how the showrunners resolve this dilemma. Jane the Virgin returns with its fifth episode on April 21.