On Thursday, the legendary Jane Fonda has drawn a comparison between President Trump and his criticism towards the media with the infamous Third Reich of Germany.

Source: foxnews

Fonda has reportedly said that if people are well aware of or if they have read anything related to the rise of Adolf Hitler and Third Reich, then the parallels can be witnessed. According to Fonda the first step in rushing towards fascism is attacking media every now and then as the fundamental rule of democracy is having a democratically independent media.


According to The Hollywood Reporter, the veteran actress and fitness guru made these remarks while she spoke at the Women’s Media Awards in The Big Apple. Fonda was seen stressing the imperativeness of casting a vote on the Election Day. She also stated that civility was at stake.

Source: twitter

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Fonda said that “they do not have to take it anymore.” And the only way to make it all stop is by voting. Everyone must vote.


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