YouTuber PewDiePie supported James Charles amid the ongoing controversy regarding the video allegations by Tati Westbrook. Charles was grateful for PewDiePie’s support. He said,

Thank you Felix for both of the videos that you made about the situation. Meant a lot that you saw what was going on, and the advice in your second video was incredibly helpful and appreciated.

Tati’s takedown of the makeup artist accusing him of manipulating people’s sexuality forced James to post an eight-minute long apology video. A few days later, the YouTube makeup artist also revealed in a 41-minute video that he also considered suicide as an option. The incident hurt James badly. He said that he wouldn’t even wish so for his worst enemy.

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These days have been the most painful time of his life and he was in such a dark place that he didn’t want to come back. He was shocked to see himself admit that on camera. Many people believe that social media influencers have a really easy job. But not everyone is prepared to face millions of people at one time.

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James only wanted to take responsibility for his actions and not to start a war. People have now heard both sides of the story. The viewers are free to form opinions, but spreading hate should not be an option.

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Around 2.2 million subscribers have unsubscribed from James’ YouTube channel since Tati’s takedown. Within three days of ‘BYESISTER’ video by Tati, James’ Instagram and Twitter followers have dropped significantly. Even his friends including Katy Perry, Kim Kardashian, and Kylie Jenner aborted their friendship.