Jacksonville Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey is probably going to be one of the numerous players whose names will rise out in exchange talks this offseason. Ramsey is gradually however clearly compelling the Jaguars into considering a blue chip exchange this offseason.

One association source said he “completely” trusts the Jaguars will engage exchanging Ramsey, while a NFL general chief said he would not be amazed if that is the course the Jaguars choose to seek after.
Jacksonville reacted to the report Sunday, saying the group isn’t intending to exchange Ramsey.
“The Jaguars have zero aim of exchanging CB Jalen Ramsey,” the group said in an announcement. “There is no reality to this talk.”
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Ramsey tended to the tweet Thursday, saying it was intended for “counterfeit fans” who haven’t stayed with the Jaguars, who have been among the greatest disillusionments in the NFL this season. The Jaguars went 10-6, won the AFC South and achieved the meeting title diversion last season.
Be that as it may, in spite of beginning 3-1 this season, Jacksonville (3-6) is toward the end in the AFC South on account of a five-amusement losing streak.
Ramsey underlined Thursday that he needs “to play for one group my entire vocation,” however his conduct has grabbed the eye of his group, as indicated by sources. The candid cornerback has stood out as truly newsworthy on numerous occasions as of late due to his reckless suppositions – both about himself and restricting players.
As incomprehensible as exchanging without end a player of Ramsey’s bore would be, remember that the Giants considered exchanging Odell Beckham Jr. last season before choosing to sign the star recipient to a long haul contract.
Source: ESPN and USA TODAY Sports