Jackie Chan’s massive fortune, which he earned as a movie star, won’t be going to his children when he dies.

At the time of this writing, Jackie Chan possesses a huge fortune, which is estimated to be somewhere between $400 million and £323 million. That would be a great inheritance indeed.

The famous movie star has been pretty clear about this in the past. In his autobiography, Never Grow Up, which was published in 2015, he wrote that he wanted his son to make his own way in the world.

The movie star wrote about a time when he and his son Jaycee were both booked on the same flight. The actor booked himself in first class and put his son in economy class.

Jackie Chan told his son,

you have no money now, so you sit here.

However, Jaycee was able to sit next to his father in first class when a stewardess gave him a seat in first class that was vacant.

Jackie Chan with his son, Jaycee


Jackie Chan wrote in his book that Jaycee had been able to get a free upgrade to first class on every flight they had taken since then.

He said to his dad,

I got another upgrade, I don’t need money.

In order to teach his son a lesson, Jackie Chan wrote:

You have me as a dad, but other people don’t. They have to fight their own battles. When you get to sit in first class, because of your own hard work, then that’s success.

Jackie Chan said this about his choice not to leave any of his money to his son and instead give it all to charity:

If he is capable, he can make his own money. If he is not, then he will just be wasting mine.

Jaycee has worked as a musician and has been in a few movies, but he hasn’t been very successful.

In 2014, he was caught with marijuana in China, and he went to jail for six months.

Several famous people have decided either not to leave their money to their kids or to put conditions on how their kids can get the money.

Daniel Craig, ex. James Bond movie star said that his kids won’t get any of his money as an inheritance because he finds it “disgusting” and wants to “get rid of it.”

Craig said he plans to “give away” his money before he dies. Actor Ashton Kutcher said he would set up a trust for his kids and maybe invest if they had a “good business plan,” but otherwise it would go to charity.

Bruce Forsyth, a famous British TV star, died with a fortune of £11.7 million. However, in his will, he left none of it to his six children. Instead, he set up trusts for his grandchildren and left the rest to his wife.

Shaquille O’Neal has said that his kids have to get two college degrees if they want any of his money. Hugh Hefner’s wife and children had to stay away from drugs to get their share of his money.