Apart from Jennifer Lopez, other stars that have been hit by the vandal(s) include Michael Buble, Ellen DeGeneres and Pharrell. It is reported that removing the spray print and resealing them will cost around $1k each.

As per the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, the stars are to be fixed today. The Walk is covered with security cameras and they will catch the perp(s) very soon. Jennifer Lopez now has an unlikely and strange connection with Bill Cosby and Donald Trump because of this entire vandal incident that got Hollywood Walk of Fame star’s attention.

Cops have taken the vandalism report and are investigating the incident. This time the stars are not destroyed as badly as they were before.

Trump’s star has seen the most of the vandalism. First of all, George Lopez unleashed a fake pee stream over it and then the other golden toilet incident happened.

Source: TMZ, Realfmgy

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