Kevin Durant had to deal with a lot of rumors about his relationship with Lana Rhoades. Then he had to deal with even more rumors about being the father of Lana’s baby. The two are said to have gone on a date, but their relationship never went any further. Lana said that she was going on a date to watch the playoffs, which turned out to be a bad idea.

Kevin Durant, the "Rumored" Father of Lana Rhoades' Baby, Makes an Honest Confession

When Lana broke up with her YouTuber boyfriend Mike Majlak in 2021, rumors about Kevin’s connection began. During a podcast, Lana said that it might be an NBA player from the Brooklyn Nets, which Mike said was not true. Even though neither of them had said anything about it, the rumors still started to spread. The news was kept quiet for a while, but it finally came out after Lana had her baby.

Soon after that, Kevin and Draymond Green got together and talked about having kids. When asked why he hadn’t had children until now, Kevin said,

I mean, that’s a big commitment for one. And I always felt like I was just really zoned in on my work in my alone time and in my free time. It was too much for me to like lock-in or something like that.

He went on to say that he is now ready to be with someone and have kids.


Is Kevin Durant married?

Kevin Durant, the "Rumored" Father of Lana Rhoades' Baby, Makes an Honest Confession

The NBA player never got married. Despite the rumors, he was actually engaged to Monica Wright. Kevin Durant dated the WNBA player for a while, and in 2013, they decided to get married. But they soon went their separate ways. Kevin, on the other hand, blamed himself for the breakup and for not loving her enough.

Kevin never had a serious relationship with Jasmine Shine, Brittney Elena, or Cassandra Anderson after he broke up with Monica Wright. Lana Rhoades was the one about whom people talked the most. Because of the news, people criticized him and gave him a bad reputation on social media.

Soon after Lana Rhoades’s child was born, Kevin Durant was compared to Blake Griffin because he looked so much like him. But no one can know for sure if it’s true or not until Lana makes a public statement and says who the father is.