Google Stadia Features

Google is working hard to make their Game streaming service a viable and accessible option for the users. The search giant launched a speed test website that allows users to check if their internet connection will support 4K game streaming.

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This speed test is aimed toward potential users of Google Stadia who want to check before they subscribe to the streaming service.

What is Google Stadia?

Google recently entered the gaming market with a bang when it showcased its cloud-based game streaming service called Google Stadia.

Unlike other streaming services Google Stadia will handle all of its processing on the server, and the controller will stream the games on the connected screen. This type of setup would require a reliable and fast internet connection.

Is your internet connection fast enough?

Google has launched a speed test website that allows users to check if there is compatible with the service, or they need to upgrade their internet connection.

Google has collaborated with Measurement Labs to develop this website for the potential users of their service.

Google Stadia

According to the website, the minimum bandwidth requirement is 10Mbps, which would allow the stream to run at 720p. Those of you who want to stream at 1080p will need a connection that has the download speed of 20Mbps. For a 4K stream, the minimum requirement is 35Mbps.

Interestingly many users have found out that Google Stadia and speed test does not work well with VPN service. According to reports, Stadia throttle down the speed to 0.72 Mbps which is not good enough for streaming. This could mean the Google Stadia will not support the VPN services.

Cloud Gaming and Future

Cloud Gaming

Google is not the first one to tease the cloud gaming concept. Many small and big names in the industry have played with the idea of cloud-based gaming.

However, this is the time when companies have started to push for a real product rather than a prototype. The reason behind the dealy could be the lack of infrastructure or demand.

It is possible that these streaming services could become a norm soon, and it could change the landscape of gaming.