Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp are down currently experiencing a global outage for reasons that are best known to only to the Facebook and Whatsapp team. Several users have now taken it to Twitter and are of the opinion that maybe the social media giant was the victim of a massive hack attack.

Several first-hand reports for Whatsapp are cropping up on Twitter by users, so if you’re experiencing these issues, you’re not the only one!

@MonikaaMatic wrote: “I’m from Croatia(Europe). I can’t send pictures and voice messages on WhatsApp, like pictures on Instagram, but Facebook works fine. It’s 1.40AM here.”

Maggie wrote: “OMG …. O.M.G … facebookdown … whatsapp down …. instagramdown ….
How will we survive next 10 hours or so?!!”

@SzeHwang wrote: “Tried sending voice message and pictures but it cannot go through in WhatsApp! Thought it was phone problem but appearently it isn’t. #WhatsApp”

@angelpantokrat wrote: “I can’t send voice notes in #WhatsApp, just in the most important moment. I’m in Puebla, Mexico. #facebookfamilycrisis”


Users are unable to send Photo Messages on Whatsapp; Users are also unable to send Voice Messages on Whatsapp!

Multiple reports of Whatsapp not sending voice or photo messages are also coming up on Twitter.



@WhatsApp what’s going on? I’m not able to send any pics videos and voice notes. Is there anything wrong with WhatsApp today”

Users are unable to update Profile Picture / Display Picture on Whatsapp

One frustrated user reported that they’re unable to update their DP on Whatsapp.

” All day today I have not been able to send images, I have not been able to send voice notes, I have not been able to update my profile image. What happens?”

Whatsapp seems to be down in Indonesia as well, however, Instagram seems to be working, according to @belumrindu on twitter: “in INDONESIA Instagram doesnt work from lastnight , but this morning some of my friend can use instagram , and all of us cant send some pic & voice on Whatsapp.”

Whatsapp voice Call, Video Call, File Sending features are not working

Some reports are now coming in that Voice call, Video call, File Sending and many other essential features are also not working on Whatsapp for users across the globe.

@majola_buse wrote: “What’s Up with @WhatsApp? VN’s, Pics, Video & Voice calls ain’t going through. Have they been hacked again? #whatsappshutdown”


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