Vision Alive

It is sad that a number of your favorite Avengers didn’t survive the Thanos snap and made it out of Infinity War alive. However, if one of your favorites is Vision, played by actor Paul Bettany well guess what you’re in for a treat this hero may not be dead as you guys think. As a matter of fact, he might be the key to defeating Thanos!

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How you may ask? Then all thanks to the princess of Wakanda Shuri. It looks like Shuri made a back-up of Vision just before Thanos murdered him by ripping the mind stone from his head.


In order to save himself and get the stone to a safe place, Vision tried to disengage the stone from his head with the help of Shuri. The Wakanda princess had little to no time to get the job done as the battle between Thanos men and Avenger took place.

Among all this, if you were watching the Vision and Shuri scenes carefully, you could see what happens, here Shuri seems to be downloading parts of Vision onto a safe server.

Vision Alive Thanos Avengers Endgame

We don’t see the full file transfer taking place but Shuri might have still saved the day. Vision did die while fighting Thanos but it seems he can be bought back to life.

If Vision is back as stated by the theory he could be a crucial component in Avengers journey of defeating Thanos. Rebuilt Vision would still be a Vision, but I assume he will not be the same, He will not remember his love for Scarlet Witch.

Vision still alive

Vision’s return will definitely give Avengers the upper hand and might be the actual reason behind the defeat of Thanos in Avengers Endgame.

The movie will soon make its way to the theater’s tickets are already on sale and the movie even before the release is breaking all kinds of records in terms of ticket sales and such.