Twitter, the vastly used social media network has been down since the past hour now. Users all across the globe are facing outage and nobody is able to visit the site.

Twitter goes down as thousands report site not working from worldnews

Twitter is a microblogging platform which is used across the globe by a host of users that also include important people such as celebrities. It also has accounts of people in power such as the presidents of various countries. It allows people to send out tweets which are like mini-messages. They consist of 280 characters and are short but big enough to make an impact.

When did Twitter go down?

The site has been down since 2:46 p.m EST. People have reported that they are not able to access the site through any means possible. It is working on their iPhones, iPads, Android devices, nowhere. The website is also not loading for most of the people and it seems that the site is going through some maintenance. When we tried to visit Twitter, it said that there is something technically wrong with the site. The site also mentions that they are trying to fix the issue as soon as possible and have asked us to wait patiently.

Twitter down: Social networking site not working for users around the world from worldnews

Twitter is down, social media users are reporting that the site is not working
Twitter tagline. Source: Marketing Land

Are other social media working?

Other social media apps and websites like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp have been working fine as reported by many users. They are not facing any outage and are working perfectly for users across the globe. It is only twitter that seems to be having the problem. Although, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook did have an outage in the past week which was quickly resolved by their primary company that is facebook.

Twitter is not working !?? from Twitter

Twitter has been reported to be down by various websites also like Downdetector.

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The website says that it has received over 30,000 reports of people saying that the website is not working for them.

Are you also a part of this global outage? Is twitter also not working for you? Please let us know in the comments section below if you are also affected. Do let us know about the device that you are using to access the platform and the country you are in.