Toy Story 4 ending explained

Buzz, Woody, and all the toys had a perfect ending in Toy Story 3. But it seems that the things didn’t end there. Andy left for college and left the toys with Bonnie, leaving them with some more playtime.

Director Josh Cooley said that everyone was surprised when they were approached for the fourth part. Everyone loves the perfect ending in Toy Story 3 as it completes Andy and Woody’s story. But there is more to Woody’s story.

How will Woody’s story end?

In Toy Story 4, Woody struggles to take his place among Bonnie’s toys. He wants to return to Andy badly and couldn’t help but compare his new owner with the previous one. Woody soon comes to know about the ugly truth that he is not so precious for Bonnie as he was for Andy.

Toy Story 4 ending
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Bonnie find Buzz and Woody’s other friends more fascinating and leaves Woody alone in the closet. But Woody puts everything aside and focuses on Bonnie’s happiness. Bonnie’s favorite toy Forky tries to escape, but Woody feels responsible for it. He ensures that Forky returns back to Bonnie. He even tries to make him feel like a member of the family.

But this is not the only issue. Woody also comes across Bo Peep, his lost love. Andy’s mom gave up some toys, and Bo Peep ended up in an antique shop. But Bo Peep makes the best out of this situation by traveling with a carnival from town to town.

Toy Story 5
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Woody had to stay back earlier for Andy, but now he can make his choice and follow Bo around. Finally, Woody decides to follow his desires and bid farewell to Jessie, Buzz, and his other friends. There is news that Woody’s story will continue in the fifth installment. We will update you as soon as the details come out.