The seasonal club football championship, the UCL, organized by the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) is contemplating ditching the “away goal” rule.

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According to reports, the governing body is working with the coaches of all the teams and are looking for the likelihood that it could drop the away goal practice from the flagship competition.

UCL is one of the most renowned tournaments in the world of football. The competition witnesses a large number of quality players from around the globe. Starting the mid-sixties, the league is set to scrap the “away goal rule.”

What is the Away Goal Rule?

This practice is one of 3 FIFA-accepted systems of determining the champion. In case of a tie, barring the additional time and penalty shoot-outs.

The rule declares that the winning team will be the one most number of  “away from home” goals.

UEFA: What is the Away Goal Rule?

A true illustration of the away rule occurred during the 2011-12 UEFA League, where Inter Milan and Marseille were contesting each other in the Round of 16.

Marseille won the first leg by 1–0 at home. He lost the second away leg by 1–2.  Marseille lost the away match they did score a goal, unlike Inter Milan. He was unable to score an away goal. In the end, the winners of the match were announced.

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The introduction of the Away Goal was to assist away teams but whether the primary logic still prevails is arguable. The more polished and coherent of deciding the winner seems penalty kick shoot-outs.

It is highly unlikely that UEFA will revise its rules without preceding notification. The changes will most probably be implemented in the next season.