Is sugar really good for your health- find out why you must not believe it

Sugar good for health or not is a debatable topic. They are carbohydrates which can be simple or complex. They add flavour and taste to beverages. However, consuming too much of sugar is not good for health. This is because it causes health related problems. Scroll down to learn the 5 big reasons as to why sugar is bad for health.

Nutritional Value

Sugar means only calories. It provides the body with instant energy. It has no nutritional value. Sugar in food and drinks just adds up to your calorie intake. It doesnot add any nutritional value to your food. Moreover, these are digested quickly by the body. Therefore this is not even a good source of energy. It must therefore be consumed in appropriate amounts.

However, it is not the same for items that contain natural sugar. These include fruits as well as dairy products. Natural sugar is a good source of energy. This is because it is consumed slowly by the body. This therefore makes them last longer.

Natural products also contain other nutrients. This is apart from the natural sugars. These nutrients are good for health. Fruits may contain fibres. Moreover minerals and vitamins are also present. All of these add nutritional value to these products.

Is sugar really good for your health- find out why you must not believe it
Sugar intake causes heart attack and diabetes
Source: Cooking Light

Excess gaining of weight

Sugar leads to excess gain of weight. Sugars are high in calories. Because of this, more consumption of it leads to weight gain. Added sugars do not satiate hunger for long. This is because they are digested fast. This therefore leads to eating more causing gain of weight.

Causes diabetes

Excess sugar intake causes type 2 diabetes. However, it is not entirely true. Even a high calorie diet can also cause diabetes. But in most of the cases, it is excess sugar intake.

Moreover, the sugar drinks are the major reason for it.

Is sugar really good for your health- find out why you must not believe it
Is sugar really good for your health?

Causes cavities in tooth

Tooth cavities are majorly caused because of intake of sugar. This is because sugar develops a layer of plaque over the teeth. This is done by the bacteria in the mouth. The bacteria react with the sugar and then release an acid. It is this acid that damages the teeth.

Causes heart diseases

According to a study, excess added sugar causes heart disease. This in turn often leads to death of the people.

The study says that sugar causes problems in the functioning of the heart. This then leads to heart attack.

Therefore, sugar is not so healthy. Especially when it is not a natural sugar. Hence it must be avoided.