Is Reddit Down? Users asked on Twitter as they were unable to access Reddit! Popularly known as ‘the front page of the internet’, Reddit is accessed by millions of users from across the world! The website is home some of the most informative content as well as some of the most vicious online trolls.  However, Reddit looks like it is facing a downtime of late.

Is Reddit Down Reddit Error
Image: Twitter

Following Reddit going down, users started questioning this rare phenomenon on Twitter. Some users reported that they were able to access the website but browsing was painfully slow. Others were just met with an Error 503 message. Here’s a closer look:

Why Is Reddit Down? 

Reddit is one of the most robust platforms when it comes to uptime. The website rarely goes down despite the heavy, heavy load it faces from the users! However, over the past few days, users have been asking each other if Reddit is Down?

The answer to this is simple: heavy, heavy load on server. Some users were panicking if the site had been hacked. However, the answer to why is Reddit down is not that the site was hacked. It is because of an excessive load on the server.

Is Reddit Down Error
Image: Twitter

Is Reddit Down? Confused Users Make #RedditDown Trend on Twitter

Users panicked on Twitter upon seeing the Error 503 message and made the hashtag #RedditDown trend.  Here is what twitter users are saying about Reddit going down:

@ezequiels tweeted: Is @reddit down or having issues? #internetbroken #Redditdown

@SewerSpeedway commented on Twitter: So is reddit down right now, or is this mobile app just a piece of shit?

Is Reddit Down Users Ask on Twitter
Image: Twitter

@arengarz tweeted: Why is Reddit down? I’m trying to avoid working 😩

@cellvalue tweeted: Is reddit down? What am I supposed to read in bed until my phone falls on my face?

@SirDarthUno tweeted: “Hey…is Reddit down or something? There’s are an awful lot of sniveling dudebros here on Twitter today spreading their petulant man-tears all over the place.”