Is Pinterest Down

Users of the popular image-based social network Pinterest were left asking each other ‘Is Pinterest Down’ after the website experienced downtime and outage recently. A large number of Pinterest users were having difficulty logging into their accounts and those who were able to log in were facing slow loading speeds.

Is Pinterest Down social media reactions
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Let us take a closer look and understand this. Moreover, we also take a closer look at some social media reactions over the same:

Why is Pinterest Down? Social Media Users Report Downtime

Pinterest, the popular image-based social media platform is going through a tough time. It appears that the servers of the website have experienced unusually high traffic, leading to them ‘going down’ as they were unable to handle the high traffic. This is the primary reason as to why is Pinterest down.

Is Pinterest Down twitter reactions
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Some users are reporting that they are unable to access their Pinterest accounts. However, those who are able to log in are also facing very slow speeds. Users have now taken on to social media where they’re asking each other ‘is Pinterest down?’

Users on Twitter Ask Each Other

Twitter is often the best platform to know if other users are also facing a similar experience. Twitter users asked each other if Pinterest is down just for them or for everyone. Here’s a closer look at some of these conversations from Twitter:

Is Pinterest Down Social Media
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@FunnelSuperhero tweeted: Is #Pinterest down to anyone else? #pinterestdown @Pinterest

@KatieRadio1 tweeted: WHY IS @Pinterest DOWN THIS IS A PART OF MY EVENING RITUAL

@fardareismai2 tweeted: Why is pinterest down? Don’t they know I’m trying to figure something out????????

@GennaClark tweeted: Is @Pinterest down (UK)? The app says I have no boards, nor any pinned images *reaches for brown paper bag to breathe*