Miley Cyrus pregnant expecting Liam Hemsworth

People all over the world were shocked when Miley Cyrus captioned a Met Gala photo of herself with Liam Hemsworth ” daddy and mommy”. The couple recently got married and fans of the two actors couldn’t be happier for them, but this is alleged ‘pregnancy news’ coming as a shock to the world.

Fans congratulate Miley

Miley Cyrus pregnant expecting Liam Hemsworth The photo was well received by fans as they congratulated the couple. Some of them commented that they couldn’t wait for the duo’s ‘bundle of joy’. Another fan asked if Miley was ‘hinting towards something’. One fan declared point blank that she was pregnant.

The rumours are soldered by the fact that the Australian actor has previously responded to questions regarding having children with enthusiasm and positivity. Hemsworth said that he is looking forward to having ten, fifteen or even twenty kids.

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Baseless rumor

Social media was abuzz with the news, but some fans pointed out that Miley Cyrus was probably just joking. Even though people want the couple to expand their family, pregnancy does not seem likely to happen anytime soon.

In an interview with GQ, Liam Hemsworth said that even though he would like to have many children, there is simply no space for a baby inside their house. He revealed that their home is overcrowded with their several dogs.