Is LinkedIn Down? A large number of users of the popular social media platform are asking each other this question. Last week, after Facebook and Instagram went down – it appears that LinkedIn is the next major platform to go through this downtime. Let us take a closer look:

Is LinkedIn Down?

Is LinkedIn Down Unable Access
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Users of LinkedIn opened the website today to find out that they were unable to access it. A message saying “OOPS” appears on the screen, stating that the problem is on LinkedIn’s end. Users are asked to try again.

Some users who were able to access LinkedIn were still facing other problems. These included not being able to read newer posts on the platform and a malfunctioning job search feature. This led to the users asking this question on Twitter: is LinkedIn down?

Twitter reacts to LinkedIn going Down

Is LinkedIn Down Not Opening
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Users of LinkedIn took to platforms like Twitter and Reddit amid the confusion. Here are some user reactions from Twitter, where they are asking each other if LinkedIn is down:

@CarriBugbee: Is #LinkedIn down? No pages will load on any browser. Very curious!

‏ @iDontHoldHouses: is @LinkedIn down for anyone else?

@ronkamienchick writes “@LinkedIn your search is down. FYI”

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@UntaintedC shares “I think LinkedIn is down?”

Why did LinkedIn go down? What is causing the error?

Is LinkedIn Down Social Media
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There is no straightforward answer to the question of why is LinkedIn down. This could be because of multiple reasons. Most commonly, this happens because of an excessive load on the server. Perhaps, an unusual amount of people logged on at the same time, causing the servers to crash.

It could also be possible that Microsoft is upgrading LinkedIn or introducing some new features on the platform. Even this can cause a downtime some time. Stay tuned with us for more updates