Kate Middleton pregnancy news

Prince William and Kate Middleton welcomed their third child Prince Louis less than a year ago. Is the royal couple pregnant again? Rumor has it that Kate Middleton is pregnant with her fourth child. There are several proofs to support this theory.

Prince William and Kate Middleton are currently the proud parents of three children, namely, young Prince Louis, Prince George, and Princess Charlotte. There are rumors surrounding the Duchess of Cambridge’s pregnancy and the plan of the royal couple for another baby. During the tour of Northern Ireland, the two met their well-wishers and fans. Prince Louis, their youngest son, was born less than a year ago.

Kate Middleton pregnant
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While the royal couple was meeting their fans, an adorable boy caught Kate’s attention. She said that the little boy was really sweet. She was particularly attracted to the kid.

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He’s a very sweet little boy, how old is he? He’s so diddy it makes me very broody.

There is another clue that the Duchess is expecting a baby.

Kate Middleton pregnancy news
Credits: Express.co

High probability of Kate Middleton announcing her pregnancy this year

According to bookies Ladbrokes, the probability is at 5/2 for Kate Middleton to announce a pregnancy this year. There are several bets placed on Kate’s pregnancy news already.

We will keep you updated with all the recent news about the royal couple and their baby plans. But what do you think about it? Is Kate Middleton really expecting a royal baby? Comment to share your views. Don’t forget to share this post.